23 January, 2011

Krakow; this ain't a love song

Darling, let me tell you story about pain, about being hated for things you can not change from yourself...when you are made enemy because of the skin you are born to; your race...

Welcome to Krakow, the largest and oldest city in Poland and the city where Pope John Paul II was born and raised.

Krakow was the last city we visited during the summer trip. They were our longest stay with most comfort hostel room yet ugliest weather. It was raining all the time during the days we were there. Enriched by religious culture of Jew and Catholicism, Krakow is Poland's tourist city.

We went to Schindler List Museum. Which was the original Schindler List factory that Mr. Schindler used as a reason to save over 12o0 Jews from Auschwitz camp. Besides Auschwitz-Birkenau, Krakow is also famous for Wawel Castle where the legend of dragon that once invaded the city took place...isn't that excited, I always like ancient old stories which included Knights and Dragon. That is why I LOOOVEEE Harry Potter. The Wawel Cathedral is where many kings of Poland were buried.

Krakow is also famous for Wieliczka Salt Mine. Just like its name, a mine way way under ground that was made by salts. So beautiful. There is a church in the mine, also sooo beautiful. Probably one of the most unique church I have seen in Europe.

Like most European cities, there is market square in Krakow where the town's daily economic activities took place. Krakow's Cloth Hall or Sukiennice in Poland, is where to go for the city's lovely souvenirs. Krakow is the place where Poland's craftsmen settled.

Krakow, like Budapest also offers good food which taste no much different from Asian foods. But no matter how hungry you are, don't buy pretzels they sell on the street. No goody worthy.

The Buda & Pest is As Romantic As Paris

Budapest the capital of Hungary is one city divides into two parts; Buda and Pest. Buda is the hills and Pest is...well, Pest. This explain the title of my post, it supposed to Buda & Pest are but they are actually one city so I have chosen to use Buda & Pest is...^^...However, I think the photos have speak for itself. One think I want to add is that Budapest happens to have tasty foods. The Hungarian snacks and goulash are much better than the one available in the most European country I have visited.

20 January, 2011

Today Is Great :))

My first writing in English is published. Happy-happy yay-yay! And another writing is coming to publish, but this will only be for Indonesian students magazine in Netherland.