18 March, 2012

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On Thursday I went with Dina to see Theater Koma's Sie Jin Kwie at TIM, Cikini 73. It was the first time  I go there after so many years. TIM was where my college at and being there again, have brought me into mix emotion. I had through difficult times there...difficult enough to understand how it feels when you have the whole world against you...sentimentality aside, I enjoyed the performance. It was worth the time, rain, money, and courage (that I must gathered). 

17 March, 2012

One Small Head

This is very Leo, some say. 
Don't get me wrong, I'm not a believer of a zodiac for as a Leo I'm a shy girl, uncomfortable being in the center of attention. Also, rather than being ambitious, I only want to have a good life doing what I like. But this not the case when it comes to my emotion. Not, it's not true what they said about Leo girls have large ego, we can be followers as well. But I guess most of us are very sensitive in sense negativity (exclude, manipulation, betrayal, lies, etc) and this is where trouble usually comes for a Leo will immediately reacts toward unfairness. Sadly, reality is not a math theory, where minus + minus = positive. Our minus, inability to keep up with emotion that is, tends to bring us into further trouble. One thing in common I find in fellow Leos with diverse characters, is that we all have quick eyes...and strong opinion.

03 March, 2012

From Papua

Went to Jayapura the capital of Papua from Dec 26th - Jan 1st'12, the city's view, with hills and Lake Sentani, was amazing. Yet the unfairness of centralization still has a strong smell in that city...what bothered me the most was when I heard how newcomers from Java and Makassar tend to think themselves above local Papuans, more civilized, etc. No wonder the Papuans no longer want to be part of Indonesia.