13 November, 2010

Beauty From The East (of German)

From Berlin we headed to Dresden. As the capital of Saxony, Dresden is one of the biggest city in East German. History has wrote that Dresden played an important role during the World War II, everywhere we went in Dresden Old Town area we saw antique buildings with beautiful gothic architecture. We only spent two nights in Dresden. Stayed in the hostel which has funky decoration that I love.

06 November, 2010

Bear His Mascot

The first stop in my summer travelling program is Berlin. The city that once was famous for his Berlin Wall and now famous for his bear mascott. Notice how I use "his" to introduce the city? It is because Berlin has this masculine vibe of modernity. Of course like any other Europe famous cities, Berlin is also rich with history, with giant old buildings and gothic church. But Berlin ain't Paris, no... the city does have this cultural vibe on him, he is rich with modern art and practical design, yet he has no classic and feminine feel of Paris.

O yeah, let me show you the present face of Berlin Wall now:

Berlin has a confusing inconvenient public transport system, the easiest way for sightseeing is to hop on Bus no.100. It passess almost all main attraction of the city.

I also like the view from Berlin's film huis:

Like many other big cities, Berlin is beautiful at night with lights as the highlight:

05 November, 2010

Affair to Remember

July, when Summer finally arrived and we --the Avant Garders' (Indonesian students living in the Avant Garde building guesthouse)-- would soon be departed. I invited my close friends from class for goodbye dinner; Cumaziye and Denitsa. It was also a goodbye dinner for Mone, Billy and Diena who would soon left the building to their each new rooms upon renovation in their 2nd floor. So the theme of this wonderful dinner was GOODBYE ;p. I had Billy cook his famous Chicken Rica Rica and Brennebonnen (red bean soup with pork broth).

Me, Cumaziye and Denitsa in front of the guesthouse building


The food

Billy and Kenneth

Yan & Ning

The participants ;P

Two days after the dinner I left for travelling around central Europe and Dresden, Germany, with the guy who sit next to me :). A week after, Billy-Mone and Diena moved. Leaving their comfortable room, finishing their master thesis and then back to Indonesia. Goodbye Avant Garde....goodbye Master life...goodbye my thesis (the photo was taken when I was in the process of finishing the last chapter of my thesis).

The dinner was one of the fond memory in Netherlands that I really wanted to keep...it was the closure for my Master life.