21 March, 2010

A Friday Afternoon in Maastricht

Every town in the Netherlands has what they call 'market day', where traditional market is held in front of the city's town hall. In Maastricht, market days fall on Wednesday and Friday. 

Fitri loves the market, while I --mostly buy my groceries in Albert Heijn or Aldi--- have never gone there. So when she told she loves spending time buying fresh ingredients at the market, I asked if I could come with her. Fitri said yes, and we later set up the date on Friday. Fitri doesn't have classes on Friday and I could really use a short break from my thesis.

The market is full with fresh ingredients including fresh beautiful flowers. The sellers there are nice and friendly, I enjoyed our little chat with them. 

Afterward, I met Cumaziye and Denitsa at a cafe in front of Selexyz bookstore. We were laughing all the time. It was a Friday well-spent.