25 April, 2010

Home of the Milanos

First impression: clean, neat, well-organized and businesslike.
Dig deeper and I found: clean, neat, well-organized, businesslike...the city felt less lively than Rome.
What made me sorry: unable to see Da Vinci's Last Supper Painting at Santa Maria delle Grazie and visit AC Milan's San Siro Stadium.
Unforgettable experiences: 
- climbing up the stairs at The Duomo. Milan's most famous Cathedral, the Gothic Church was built in 1386 and impressively beautiful. In fact, Milan is home to oldest churches in Italy maybe even Europe, since the city was capital of the Northern part of late Roman Empire.
- befriended a Philippine woman who works as an au' pair. I met her while having lunch in a fast food restaurant. She was on her day-off. Within an hour we went window shopping near The Duomo.
Recommended: since cleanliness and inside bathroom are my top priorities, I was truly satisfied with Delizia Hostel on Via Archimede. The place might be a bit far from Milan's city center (approx. 15 minutes bus ride from Milan Central Station), but for 50 EUR per night I got myself a very clean room with private bathroom. I arrived at Delizia after taking an early morning flight from Paris, my low-sugar level kicked in and I thought I would throw up right there, at the hotel's lobby area. I asked the reception if I could get a cup of sweet hot tea. He immediately prepared me one but refused to accept payment, even a tip.