19 August, 2011

Nice Blues

It has been a long time since I posted photos in this blog. I have plan to post photos about my life in Amsterdam & Maastricht, I better finish with my travel documentation around Europe first. Last Spring I went to visit Nice, a beautiful city in Southern of France. Around half an hour from Monaco and an hour from Cannes where that prestigious film festival held every year. I enjoyed my time walking alone around the city at day time. The city has a beautiful sea view and interesting Old Town. Maybe because Nice is quite close to Monte Carlo, the city is also one of the top destination for Hollywood's rich and famous. Aside from Gallery du Lafayette, there are many posh shops that sell beautiful things. I once saw Heidi Montag --from The Hills, Lauren Conrand's ex roommate?-- walking alone. No different from real celebrity (^^), she looks a lot more beautiful in reality than she were in the pictures. She wore short and a bikini top, very thin, rather petite, maybe shorter than me, oh...and her nose does not looked that weird.