07 October, 2011


There are two kinds of Indonesians living abroad: the ones who try their best to mingle with the whites, or the one who avoids to befriend the whites because: a)they don't live their life the way we do; b) they drink until they drunk and have sex, so they are wildly immoral (*sic, okay saint!) c)this is probably because they don't have God, or... because well, they must look down at us as this dirty brown skin people who do not know how to use the toilet. I call this inferiority feeling as post-colonial syndrome.
But there are also Indonesians who having succeeded abroad, when they get back they enjoy making comparison and talking small on what Indonesia is not. And this is the kind of Indonesians I don't want to be. As bad as I don't want to be prejudice and unfair to every human race in this earth, including the Arabs.
Now I am starting my life here, I want to really step with my two foots without leaving one of them behind. Hopefully I will succeed not to bring up my life there on conversations, and hopefully I will not compare the minus of Indonesia to the better version in Nederland.
For a closure, these are the photos I have managed to take in Amsterdam. The city I lived in my last months in Europe. Amsterdam is rich and alive. The city that opens itself to everything. And I mean is REALLY EVERYTHING. The address of my blog, soulless-mannequin, would really have a meaning on Amsterdam's Red Light District. Sometimes I wonder whether those silicon breast girls really know what they're making themselves were in those windows. And one of the very very good thing about Amsterdam? Supermarkets open on Sunday :).