22 November, 2009

A Saturday Spent in Den Haag

This time I went with Cumaziye. During our class Halloween party Cumaziye and I talked about our separate plan to go see other cities in Holland. And so there we went on a nice Saturday morning when the air was clear and the sky was blue. Lucky for us because a good weather is a rare in a November.    

I have been to Den Haag before, with a bunch of Indonesian students from Maastricht during Ied-Dul Fitr day. I only went for a chance to eat a proper Indonesian food that I have been missing my arrival in the Netherlands. At the time we went straight to Wassenaar, the area where Indonesian Embassy located. We only stopped in two places during that trip, one is Den Haag Centraal and the second one is Utrecht Centraal aka. spoor station.

Fortunately during this trip I had more chance to see Den Haag, exploring the Plein, and ate at V&D cafe'. V&D is a department store similar to Metro. As Cumaziye is also likes walking around, we were exploring the city with our foot. Without taking a bus or a tram at all.

DEN HAAG FACTS: Den Haag is famous for its Madurodam - a mini version of Holland || Amsterdam is the capital of Netherlands but Den Haag is the residence of Dutch King and former Queens as well as the centre of Dutch parliament and government || Home to 150 international institutions including foreign embassies, the Hague holds reputation as the International City and is known as 'Judicial Capital of the World' ||  Almost each cities in Europe has 'City Centrum' or a city center where shopping area, government building and church can be found within walking distant, in Den Haag this city centruum is in the Plein area || Every year in Den Haag, Indonesians from all over the Netherlands and even Belgium have the opportunity to visit Tong Tong Fair, the largest and famous Indonesian food bazaar in the Netherlands.