20 February, 2010

~to a girl with a grudge

You didn't return my last email. I know you are one of those people who constantly check their messages and reply immediately. I understand. It is fine. We both have been hurt. It's just...it saddened me that you are still in the same place as the last time we spoke. Before everything changed and threw us apart.

I am no saint. I don't know if I would ever recover. From the hurtful feelings, from the betrayal, from the fact that you could judged me so wrong despite our decade of friendship. There were times when I shield myself, kept myself from other people. But reading your blog I could not stopped myself to care... and I even felt a moment of sadness...that life have not changed much for you. That you still not talking with your mother. That you made your own family an enemy. That you're the same angry bitter person full of bad thoughts toward others. That you would never stop carry grudge on your heart. That you are lonely.
Maybe we were no different after all. In the way we view the world and other people. After all we are our mother children. We were both born from women with anger. And so here we are, two broken people that would never be fully recovered.

But I just want to say this to you...we must stop this anger.

We must heal ourselves. No one can cure us from bitterness, it is the one thing that we must do alone. By ourselves. 

We cannot continue our life like this because then we could make ourselves an infectious decease...the kind of people that injects their bitterness to people. A cancer to others.