18 February, 2010

Maastricht Carnaval

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Easter is coming and Maastricht --once was a Catholic city in Holland-- was throwing the city's famous carnival last Sunday.

I picked up Agnes near Centraal Station at 2. She was coming from Utrecht because partly because I invited her to stay at my place, partly because she heard that Maastricht Carnaval is of course...one of the biggest and famous in Holland. 

From what I heard, Maastricht is not the only city throwing a Carnaval before Easter. There are several other Catholic cities in Holland throwing similar pre-Easter Carnaval. But Maastricht is the great one, people from all over the Netherlands mostly opt to go see Maastricht's other than the one in Neijmegen or Arnhem.

We was walking toward St. Servaas when I heard someone calling. It was Mone, he was with Rio and Billy. Later in the afternoon, we were joined by Kenneth, Brian and Steve. 

After standing for hours, we all agreed to have a drink in a bar & eateries around St. Servaas. Being Indonesian, most of us went for Chocomel (noted by the waitress with a roll in her eyes...), while Brian and Kenneth went for beer.

We had a good time there, it was already dawn when we stepped out from the bar.