02 December, 2010

Old Town Bratislava

Welcome to the south bank of Danube river. Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia. There used to be one country called Czechslovakia? Well, they now parted into Czech with its capital Prague and Slovakia with its capital Bratislava. Slovakia maybe too low profile compare to their ex-half, Czech and its Prague. But just as captive. From dark history of repression on the Jew (dark is underrated word actually, to describe it) to its antique central European air of its old town. Leaving behind the reminiscent history on the right place (for tourism aside of valuable lesson), I take that the Slovakian governments were serious in building their country. This small central European nation has already adopt Euro as their currency, leaving behind the twin sister Czech and an unexpected clean toilet can even be found in their international bus terminal. Unfortunately I couldn't say much about the hostel we picked ;(.