29 December, 2010

The Price of Being Too Naive

If the world is like a huge sports field, I'd like to think that I am one of those players that like to play games nicely. Well in fair, it might because my lack of talent to become an actress. Too straightforward, too brutal and blunt to pretentiously say things I don't really mean. I am a writer yes, and a writer is an actress who does different character on their fiction. Yes. But I also loathed woman who likes to play game, who foresee other women as their competitors they must beat in order to able feel good about themselves. However, since living in Maastricht I felt that MOST WOMEN view the world as a field of competition and man is their trophy, they must win the best one amongst the men but can't stand other woman who does. Where does this come from? Insecurity. A necessity to become popular amongst group of friend. Does that even more important than genuine sincerity?

I like to think that I am a supportive person that like to see others do well as I do. Mainly because I am confident with own talent, my ability, my strength. In junior school I was surprised to find that my other classmates had been cheating on tests. And even after I knew and I had been too lazy to study the night before tests, I never been followed their footsteps. Or you could really count on half hand when I did exchange answer with my fellow classmates.

My dad used to say; don't think negative, be kind even to to people who treats you less(kind). Well I do a little bit negative when it comes to his little entourage (but honestly, who would not be???). But sometimes I think I am little bit my dad's daughter in this side and look what happened to me now...

This world after all, is a wild jungle.