24 February, 2011

how could you smile there?

The only way to go to Auswitchz is by tour, we could not go there individually, we were told. Luckily almost every hotels and hostels in Krakow are able to arrange a tour. I also saw several travel agencies offered the Auswitchz-Birkenau and Salt Mine package. Our hostel was quite reasonable on price so we decided to order through them.
We were picked on Saturday morning in a comfortable mini van, we were one of the firsts to be pick and we stopped several times to pick other passangers. On our way to the camp, we watched a documentary about...well, what else? Auswitchz and the Nazi.
The documentary was straightforwardly matter of fact, an unsentimental piece of work yet the effect was so huge even a young man sitting behind our seats cried. He was not the only one, though, I swore I heard nose wiping several times from the back of my seat. As for me, tears rapidly rolled down my eyes I already felt so depressed before we arrived there an hour later.

Nevermind the photos I post here. Auswitchz is big. It's like a housing complex in Jakarta. Yet, the condition of these barns that I could imagine was so cold during the winter were not even suitable for animals. My photo above was taken on Birkenau. It was the second camp that was built after Auswitchz. Apparently my expression were so gloom, my boyfriend must forced a smile to come from my face. But to smile in Auswitchz felt so inhuman to me. Even though those horrible things happened long time ago.