27 February, 2011

the postponed post of our jingle bells dinner

i have been meaning to post this since months ago. yet, i was always too lazy. the Jerman and central Europe tour posts were from summer trip over six months ago and I have just finished the post this week!! well, these are the photos of our christmas meal at the so called foster mom of Maastricht students, tante Jane's. christmas eve we had several friends for dinner and I cooked spaghetti my own version of spaghetti. A bottle of wine and tiramisu cake accompanied us. needless to add, I was the most drunker amongst those pitiful untalented drinkers :D. the spaghetti by the way is my own invention. because i don't like the taste of pasta with thick tomato sauce (bolognese), i changed the meat with corned beef and use spicy bolognese sauce instead of adding tomato. of course being a spicy food eater, i must add several slices of red chili pepper. into the pasta. result? a spaghetti that taste yummier for the asian tongues (me). too bad we forgotten to take photos at that special day, including the pasta. which is why i decided to post the cakes and food tante jane served for several indonesian students (although the ones that celebrated christmas were only three amongst ten of us) at her house on christmas day. we had dinner at my boyfriend's place the day before on christmas. the pudding, cakes, and bon bon with simple Dutch meals were all delicious and feels right to be served for christmas. christmas does feel more westernized than traditionally indonesian*sigh*