08 May, 2011

Because the Only Death is Monotony

Because the only death is monotony, I have decided to move to Amsterdam before summer. A box of Limburg truffle, strawberry pie and a piece of sugary pie....Ning brought these for me when we had our last lunch in Maastricht. The day before I left for Amsterdam.

This is Ning Wang, she's from Taiwan. She is generous and helpful, and has a good sense of ecletic-tomboyish style. Oh, and she likes reading too. She is one of very few people I know who reads Kundera. In short, for a single she is highly recommended, a high quality one :).

Both Ning and Yen, English name Susie, were my neighbors in Avant Garde building. Ning is know in Germany and will do summer course in Italy before going back to Taiwan. Yen still lives in Maastricht, she plans to stay and find a job here.

Friends can come from every corner of this earth. Doesn't matter where they are come from, what their origins or race are. As long as they won't judge me for my faith and family and certain rumors they heard about me, then I'll be happy to be friends with them.

(The title THE ONLY DEATH IS MONOTONY is taken from Edith Wharton's Age of Innocence)