01 May, 2011

This Bird Keeps on Flying

Moving in and out numerous times in this past two years made me miss my old room back in Jakarta, Indonesia. I lived in my family's house on Guntur 27. It was an old house which was built in 1940s during the Dutch colonialism era. My ompung papie & ompung mamie (grandpa and grandma in Bataknese) bought the house right after they got married. Bore and raised eight children included my father, their second son. The location of this house is really great, right in the middle of Kuningan-Sudirman, and people often mistaken the area as part of the posh Menteng neighborhood. Which is not :), it is only around 5 minutes away by car from where Indonesian vice president lives but it's not.
And these three photos...see the old window? It's very much say Dutchie architecture. The room was also colorful, because when I started plan to redecorate, it was Monica's apartment in
Friends what I had in mind. But I only took interest with my room after my grandmother died.
Everything in the house felt so grim and unbearable and reminded me of my grandmother. So I had it painted in pastel green because I once read green is the color of peace and contemplation. Just exactly what I needed.